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Addiction Recovery Dallas

Restoring dignity and hope. Nurturing dreams and achievements. Building confidence and self-worth. 


Hopeful Solutions is a Non-Profit that offers single mother services and support in Dallas by providing the holistic support needed to sustain sobriety, addiction recovery, and self-sufficient living with their children.

We believe that

  • Self-respect and dignity are essential to overcome the challenges of homelessness, substance abuse, and child neglect.

  • Single mothers and their children need more than just food, shelter, and clothing to regain confidence and     re-establish themselves as productive members of society.

  • Children whose mothers are affected by substance abuse have emotional, social, mental, and physical issues that must be addressed.

  • Women who maintain their addiction recovery can sustain self-sufficient and productive lives with spiritual and recovery support.

Jump Start Program


New Directions Program


Out And About Program


Addiction Recovery is like a storm. Don't let the rain get you down, the rainbow is coming.

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