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Duncanville Single Mother Assistance

Hopeful Solutions is a DFW non-profit that offers Duncanville single mother assistance.  We serve mothers in need, homeless children, mothers in recovery from substance abuse, and domestic violence victims.  Our Duncanville single mother assistance services include, but are not limited to:  

Basic Living Needs:

  • Emergency transitional housing 

  • Food, clothing, and shelter for single mothers

  • Case management with emphasis on health care, child care, and financial security

  • Rental assistance

Life Skills:

  • Financial management, asset building, financial stability

  • Educational development and training

  • Vocational and Job development and training

  • Living skills workshops

  • Training to help regain self-confidence and become a productive member of society

  • On-going therapeutic activities and field trips that addresses the mental and emotional needs of the children and their mothers

Support Services, Therapy, and Counseling:

  • Drug addiction recovery support services

  • Alcohol addiction recovery support services

  • Training to sustain sobriety and maintain self-sufficiency

  • Individual and family counseling

  • Mental health treatment

  • PTSD

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Food insecurity

  • Emotional, social, mental, and physical issues

  • Domestic violence survivors

  • Peer recovery coaching

  • Activities that rebuild relationships with extended family members

  • Social events that give opportunities for our Mothers and their children to bond and develop healthy, caring relationships within the family structure

We help women in recovery conquer their drug addiction and reunite them with their family by providing the necessary Duncanville single mother assistance and support

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