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Doing Good With Diapers

Join us as we provide Hopeful Solutions to the diaper needs of families in our community. The mission of our "Doing Good with Diapers" event is to provide support and assistance to families in need within our community.

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According to Diaper Check 2023:


  • Diaper need has increased sharply, with 47% of families reporting diaper need.

  • Diaper need forces families to cut back on other essentials, with 46% reducing other expenditures to afford diapers.

  • Diaper need is associated with stress and worry, with 70% of respondents reporting stress or anxiety.

  • Diaper need is widespread, affecting families across income levels, with 66% categorized as low income.

  • Diaper need results in parents missing work and losing wages, with 1 in 4 parents and caregivers reporting having to miss work or school.

Baby Diapers
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